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Cost of Street Food Malaysia | Vegetarian Food in Kuala Lumpur

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Cost of Street Food Malaysia | Vegetarian Food in Kuala Lumpur
Looking for cheap street food or vegetarian food in Malaysia? In this video we share how much the cost of street food in a local market in Kuala Lumpur. We discovered this street food market after we visited Jalan Alor and we have to say the prices at this market were much cheaper. The market is called Pasar Malam, Taman Connaught Market and is only open on Wednesday nights.

We by no means consider ourselves foodies, but do like to share how much things cost when traveling. Also, this video is a little longer than our usual videos. I guess we wanted to share as much of this experience as we could and show the locals making their amazing food. If you made it to the end, thank you!

If you have any suggestions for street food in KL or Malaysia tell us and everyone in the comments.

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❤️ Elisa, David, Javier, Joaquin and Eva

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