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Eurosilicone factory tour | How do we manufacture breast implants?

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We’re excited to welcome you behind the scenes to our Eurosilicone manufacturing site in Apt, France.

Fabien Rolland, our Eurosilicone Manufacturing Site Manager, walks you through the process from preparing the dispersion to final packaging.

What does it take to manufacture breast implants?


At GC Aesthetics our goal is to empower and support individuals on their body transformation journey. As international aesthetics market leaders, boasting over 30 years industry experience, innovation and continuous improvement rank high as key drivers; when manufacturing our product portfolio.

With decades of market presence (*using Nagor and Eurosilicone) and experience in the breast implants industry we have developed:

- A strong reputation for safety, quality and reliability.
- Innovative product design features.
- Focused research and development.
- An empathetic and supportive approach to marketing and customer service.

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