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Vlog in KL || Malaysia Franchise Award 2019

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Last week I went to KL with my team, along with my lecturers and dean to the Malaysia Franchise Award 2019. It was a nerve-wrecking yet exciting moment waiting for the day to come. We took part in the competition for the best business plan of the year category. We had been working on the business plan ever since last semester break. Been through quite a lot of hassle though but we finally made it!

Alhamdulillah, it felt awesome to be announced as the winner, despite of the high competition with the other amazing and talented university students! I swear this is going to be one of my most memorable moment for me being a university student✨

A big around of applause to everyone who involved and supported us along the journey; those who were getting headache, had less sleep, praying endlessly and been with us through ups and downs. May Allah swt grant each one of you His endless blessings.

Oh btw, actually it was supposed to be four of us in the team. Unfortunately, one of us couldn’t make it to the award show for reasons. But I felt glad that we could at least brought home a trophy as the proof for our efforts.

Alhamdulillah once again, it felt great to be a part of such an amazing and wonderful team. Thank you

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